- Chromium Cobalt, Wironium, Titanium Frameworks                                           - Clear and Tooth Coloured Clasps

- Laser Weld Repairs and Additions                                                                       - Inlays, Onlays, Full Gold Tooth

- Precision Attachments                                                                                        - Custom Frameworks

 Sure Cast has been specializing in Cast Partials since 1983.  In that time we have mastered framework design and fabrication.  We are able to cast an assortment of designs from our state of the art casting system, including cast metal palates, as well as special cosmetic designs.  Due to our years of experience Sure Cast can ensure you expect minimal chair side adjustments.  Framework repairs such as cast and welds for clasps and posts, and laser weld repairs are services we make available to our clients in a timely manner.  Our technicians are also skilled in casting inlays and onlays for your patients individual needs.  We fabricate our frameworks using Bego Chromium Cobalt, Wironium, and Titanium to cover all of your framework needs.  As each patient is unique, all concerns or questions that arise can be dealt with in a personal consultation.